Considering this is my blog, I thought it was only right I disclosed a little bit about myself, my interests, hobbies, and why I am writing this blog to begin with.

So, heres a few quick facts:

  • I am 21
  • I have lived in Russia, Saudi Arabia, England and NZ (which is, and always will be, home)
  • I LOVE travelling, as the quote goes, “if travel was free you would never see me again”
  • I am studying a BBS majoring in communications at Massey, Wellington
  • I am writing this blog for a paper about social media and business
  • I find social media and business very interesting, and certainly think there is a business out there helping businesses with this (I currently do 🙂 )
  • I recently completed a marketing and publicity summer internship at Auckland Council, which was amazing
  • I love reading
  • Dogs over cats, but kittens are pretty damn cute


That’s about all for now. Who knows, I may add more later.


Enjoy my blog 🙂


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